Level 2's at Grips

On the 4th of August our Level 2 boys had there very first competition of the year at Grips Gymnastics Club.

Dressed in the new PIT uniform the boys looked very smart and were ready to compete.

The boys have been working hard on their special competition warm up which everyone remembered and looked great on the competition floor. Throughout the boys training sessions they have worked so hard which has helped them get placings at this competition.

We had a few nervous wobbles at the start of Parallel Bars but after they did their warm ups they were fine. With Ilia placing 2nd.

The High Bar routines were the best that I have seen the boys do, we even got some lovely feedback from the judges as well. With Ilia placing 1st and Liam placing 3rd in the Under Division. And Dominic placing 3rd in the Open Division.

40mins into our competition the boys were having a healthy snack whilst waiting for their next apparatus which was Floor, which gave them a boost of energy to show off their skills. All the boys got to handstand which was fantastic. Floor results were Ilia 1st, Liam 3rd.

On Pommel the boys did some beautiful half circles and worked hard to try and get their full circle, which the boys were very close with.

The boys were getting excited to compete on the rings. Seeing some great dorsal hangs and candles sticks and big swings Ilia 1st and Liam 2nd.

Vault was last, which we had a few stumbles on but overall a good competition

What a fantastic competition it was for all the boys and especially for Ilia being his first competition he has been in and to also acheive 1st Overall, well that was amazing.

Liam placed 3rd Overall also and an amazing effort.

The Team placed 2nd and 3rd in open

We like to say a big thank you to all the parents for being so supportive, and a big thank you to two of the boy squad boys Ethan and Ryan and their families who came to watch and cheer on the level 2 boys at the competition.

Article by Emily Pearman