Tumblers Fly Through Tumbler Cup Competition

Term 1 was busy for our Tumbler gymnasts as they prepared for our annual Tumbler Cup Competition. Gymnasts made sure to practice their cartwheels, rope climbs, long swings and straight jumps in preparation to win the title of Tumbler Cup Champions. The school holidays came around and the gymnasts were ready to go!

The first session kicked off with an awesome Zumba warm-up. With the Level 1-3 girls and Level 1/2 boys ready in their teams the gymnasts travelled around to the ten different stations set up around the gym – with coaches set to score them at each activity.

As the first session came to an end we crowned the first session winners. Well done to Jessica’s Friday Tumbler Girls (Eva, Maddyn, Kiara, Rachael, Sienna and Helena).

One session down, one more to go – next up was the Level 2-6 girls and Level 3/4 boys. With many of these gymnasts having competed in this competition before, they knew what they were up against and were ready to give it everything.

After another Zumba warm-up to start the session, the gymnasts were ready to show off their rope climbing skills, landings and handstand flat backs.

Aiming to achieve as many points as possible, only one team could be crowned the Session 2 winners. Well done to Bridget’s Tuesday Tumbler Girls (Callista, Jayde, Lara and Alana) who took home the title of Tumbler Cup winners of the second session.

Congratulations to all the gymnasts were came to compete in this competition. Now its time to start practicing ready for next year!