Next Stop Knox

On Sunday the 3rd of March the PIT Boy's headed down to Knox for their second competition of the year. As I arrived, the previous session of Level 7's had just concluded with Thomas putting a consistent competition together to claim 3rd AA while Newman demonstrated improved routines picking up a gold medal on Vault and 3rd AA.

The middle session consisted of the level 5's with Harley, Will & Will raring to go. First up on Pommels, Harley pushed through his routine without a fall while Will B looked poised to pull off another solid routine but just caught his knee on the reverse loop. Unfortunately this time it was like hitting a brick wall as he stopped dead in his tracks, he courageously picked himself up to finish off strong. Will J demonstrated excellent lines to claim the Gold.

Over to Rings where Will B ripped mid routine but had no choice but to continue on. It's never fun ripping at a comp but he took it with a good spirit and didn't even complain for the rest of the competition! Will J was solid as usual but showed a huge improvement with his inlocate to claim the Gold.

Moving onto Vault with Harley pushing though his mental block with his run up to show a nice extended layout. Will B also showed improvement with his layout shape. On P-bars Will J attained both bonus's finishing up with a clean and tidy score of 10.3 (Gold medal) while Harley and Will B showed improvement on their swings to Handstand.

H-bar was next and Will J uncharacteristically fell on his giant but got back up and to demonstrate a clean routine. He ended up coming in at 1st place which just goes to show that you shouldn't give up even if you make a mistake. Will B displayed his best routine of the competition, I reckon he'll be dismounting by himself by the next comp so stay tuned!

The final apparatus was floor and I was extremely impressed with Harley's determination throughout the previous week's training to add his back handspring into his comp routine. Maybe it was his preparation, the adrenaline or just great coaching on the day (can't rule that one out ha!) but it was the best back handspring of his life! He even had a nice rebound out of it! (Do I hear bonus skill next comp?) Will J had a mid routine brain lapse and decided to put in his forgotten Y-scale after his dismount (which actually saved a few points so smart thinking!)

In session three PIT was represented in the Level 6 division by Callum who picked 3rd AA and Mason just missing out on medal place coming in at 6th on H-bar.

Congratulations to all the PIT boys who competed, it's now onto the Victorian Championship Trials in the coming weeks.

All Photos available via PIT's SmugMug photo sharing website