Wrap up for 2018 Competitive Presentation Night

It was so good to see so many of our competitive MAG and WAG gymnasts and their families as well as our coaches attend the Competitive Presentation Night on Friday 30th November. It is a time where we as a club can celebrate the achievement and hard work of all our gymnasts and coaches.

The night started off with each of the coaches giving out the gymnasts certificates and announcing the encouragement award for their group. We then went on to recognize the gymnasts who have attended PIT gymnasts/coaches for 3, 5 and 10 years. We also recognises Anthony Dorrington for 25 years of attendence/service and Jacqui Quinlan for 35 years.

MAG Coach of the Year award went to Jaze Dubois for the 5th year running and a very surprised Nichole Lohner for the WAG Coach of the Year. MAG Encouragement Award went to Callum Watt, while the WAG Encouragement Award went to Anneliese Beadle. The 2018 WAG Gymnast of the Year was awarded to Jessica Chang and Ben Holden received the MAG Gymnast of the Year.

Group/Level Encouragement award:

Nicole's WAG Level 2: - Arija Pike

Bridget's WAG Level 2: Olivia Dahdouh

WAG Level 3:- Janellle Kauseni

Danielle's WAG Level 4: Cleopatra Balaur

Matilda's WAG Level 4: Molly Sawyer

WAG Level 5-6:- Kyra Davis

WAG Level 7-10:- Alana Lindop

MAG Level 2-3:- Finn Tran

MAG Level 3-4:- Thomas Musgrove

MAG Level 6-7:- Joseph Ikhtear

After the awards socialisation and supper finished of a great night.