December Display Comes Through with Flying Colours

Sunday 9th of October

After weeks of planning and practicing the day had finally arrive for the gymnasts to strut their stuff and entertain their family and friends. December Display 2018 Colours

8:30am, the gym was ready, the music was uploaded, the spectators were lined up and waiting patiently for the doors to open. The time had come, the doors were finally opened and then..... spectators seated, gymnasts taken upstairs to get ready for the opening display.

9:00am The Senior Girls opened the first session of the display with their rendition of Gold and WOW what a great opening. The Juniors followed with a great display to Blues Brother's song Shake your Tail Feathers. There were so many highlights is Session 1 with the Flippers performing to Follow the Yellow Brick Road, the Tumblebears were all very colourful in Colours of the Rainbow and the PIT A PAT's stole the show with Purple People Eater. We also saw Pocahontas (Level 2 Girls) in Colour of the Wind. Two of the Tumbler girls groups performed also in this session with very colourful displays. Of course a display at PIT would not be complete if the MAG Boys didn't show their moves. This Session saw the Level 2-3 Boys combine with the Senior Boys perform a very entertaining display to Men in Black. To finish off the first session the Coaches put on a fantastic and entertaining performance. Then the finale with all the gymnasts on the floor bopping to...... Session 1 done and dusted by 10:15am.

A quick clean up and straightening of chairs and then it was time to do it all again with a different group of gymnasts.

10:45am Session 2 Doors open and off we go again.

In this session we once again were entertained by the Senior Girls and the Senior and Level 2-3 Boys. Junior, Gymskills/Teen class each entertained the crowd and showed off their fabulous gymnastic skills that they had learnt throughout the year. There were also a number of Tumbler Girl groups as well as the Tumbler Boys. In this session we saw the first of the Springer's with their amazing display to Roses are Red and the Girls and Boys Squad groups were so cute in their display to Blue Suede Shoes. The boys looked amazing in their very colourful suspenders while the girls were adorable in pale pink. The Level 5-6 Girls did their first performance of the day and wowed the audience with their tumbling. Again we finished off with the Coaches display which was excellent. Finale then another session was over.

A quick clean ups some lunch to replenish the coaches and staff otherwise they wouldn't get through another two Sessions.

1pm Doors open for Session 3.

1:30pm The Level 5-6 Girls opened the show and set the mood for a very exciting 3rd session. Here we had the Juniors, Gymskills, Springer's groups from Saturday showing their interpretation of their displays, the 3 gymskills gymnasts in this Session were joined by some of the coaches to help them along. The three Saturday Tumbler Girls groups combined to entertain us with a huge display to Chameleon, what a great turn out by this group. The Tumblebears and PIT A PAT's were once again very entertaining and oh so cute! And the little Kinder Flippers did an amazing job to Wiggles Big Red Car, loved their little cars. The Level 3 Girls had a compelling display to Fireworks. This session we say the Level 3-4 Boys combine with the Senior Boys in their display and the Senior Girls had a surprise for us half way through their display by imitating the boys Men in Black dance!! Once again the Coaches display was a highlight.

Whew three sessions down and one to go. Everyone was getting tired but as true performers they rallied for a superb last session.

3:15pm Doors Open for the 4th and final session. The audience is excited and the gymnasts and coaches are ready to go.

3:45pm The Senior and Level 3-4 Boys opened this Session and it was just as good as it was in Session 1. Juniors, Springers, Gymskills were all represented in this Session and were amazing. Two Tumbler Girls groups performed with some amazing costumes and skills. The Level 4 Girls put on an amazing display to Over the Rainbow. In this session we had the Gymnaestrada group debut their performance which they will perform next year in Dornbirn Austria at the 2019 Gymnaestrada. It was phenomenal, amazing and very entertaining. The Senior Girls also performed but were joined by the boys half way through as they did a take on the Men in Black dance that the boys performed earlier. Finishing off the final session of the day was the Coaches display. Wow those coaches have so much energy. 4 sessions of moving equipment and performing in numerous displays. The last finale was performed and that was it for December Display 2018. And yes we came through with flying colours.

5:00pm Finished (except for the packing up)

Well done to all the gymnasts and families who attended and supported our December Display. Thank you to all the coaches, staff and parents who helped with setting up and packing up. That's it for December Display 2018 and looking forward to a special December Display in 2019 where we will be have an amazing display celebrating our 40 years as a club.