Level 4’s Excel at Junior Victorian Championships

As the final session on Saturday night began at the Junior Victorian Championships; our six, Division 1, Level 4 girls (Kaiaan, Molly, Chloe, Amelia K, Amaya, and Amelia A) nervously waited to warm up to begin their final competition of the year.

The girls started on Bars, showing off some awesome swings and casts. Amaya overcame her dismount fear and stuck her toeshoot off the high bar to finish off a strong routine. Last up on Bars, having worked hard on her routine all week, Amelia K wowed the judges with tight glide swings and a stuck dismount at the end.

While there were a few funny wobbles on Beam, the girls all managed to stay on without a single fall! Amazing improvements were seen from all the girls in their handstand shapes, especially Chloe who has been working hard on opening her shoulders, sticking all of her tumbles and showed extension in her leaps and jumps.

Next up on Floor, Kaiaan performed a beautiful routine while Molly has been working really hard on her handspring all year and achieved a stuck landing during her routine.

With the competition progressing later into the night the girls were starting to get tired. But with Vault being the girls strongest apparatus, it didn't seem to phase them as they pushed through to deliver powerful and tight Vaults. Well done to Amelia A who pushed through an elbow injury to do two fantastic Vaults.

As the competition came to a close, the nerves were still strong as they all awaited the results. The girls were first presented with their Regional Championships banner from the Metro North Qualifiers a month previously.

And then the results were in:

1st on Vault and Bars

3rd on Beam

4th on Floor



These girls have worked incredibly hard all year, and their hard worked paid off when they defended their title of Victorian Championships for the 3rd year in a row! Coach Matilda is so proud of these girls and the year they have had. All the girls are now super excited to start working Level 5 skills ready to show off the things they have learnt in the December Display in a few weeks time.