Level 1 Boys Smash It at First Competition

On a cold Sunday morning the level 1's boys had their first competition in gymnastics at the PIT Invitational. These boys train twice a week for two hours and are aged between 6 and 7. In the weeks prior to the PIT Invite, the boys had been training especially hard on each of the apparatuses.

On the morning of the competition the boys seemed very excited and nervous, but once the comp had started the nerves started to settle and they felt right at home.

The boys started their competition on Pommel. With big smiles, they all presented to the judges one after the other, with only a couple of wobbles here and there the boys got through their first apparatus feeling happy and even more excited.

Lachlan placed 2nd on Pommel, Max 3rd and Adel 4th

We marched off to our next apparatus, Rings, which is one of the boy's favourite apparatuses. They all did very well with Liam placing 1st, Max 2nd, Lachlan 3rd, Adel 5th, Mersin 6th and Noah 7th. What a great effort!

Off to Vault we marched again. Practising how to warm-up at competitions had paid off at training as the boys knew exactly what to do and got straight into their order and two touch warm up. The boys showed off beautiful their straight jumps and under arm circles, they were the best ones I’ve ever seen them do! Overall Liam placed 1st, Mersin 2nd, Noah 4th Lachlan 5th and Adel 6th.

Parallel Bars was up next but the boys and I started to feel the chilly condition. Trying to keep the boys warm and getting them ready to warm up on the bars, I felt like I was a coat hanger for all their jackets! However, the boys got up and held their tuck holds, showed off some beautiful straight body swings and most stuck their landings. Liam once again taking out 1st place, Max 2nd, Lachlan 4th, Mersin 5th and Noah 6th.

High Bar was next, not our strongest apparatus but the boys gave it their best shot with most of them performing the routine on their own. I’m very proud of them all! Liam placed1st, Noah 3rd and Max 4th.

Our best apparatus was saved till last, Floor. It was getting close to the end of the competition and the boys started to get a bit hungry. I said one more routine to go and then you can feast! Lachlan was first, wow what a routine! He showed off to his family and the judges, it was so good it gave me goosebumps! All the boys did amazing as well, I had goosebumps the whole time on floor! Everyone remembered to hold onto their shapes longer and squeeze their legs. Lachlan placed 1st on floor, Liam 2nd, Mersin 3rd, Noah 5th and Max 6th.

The All Around scores:

Liam 1st overall

Lachlan 2nd overall

Max 3rd overall

Noah 4 overall

Mersin 5th overall

Adel 7th overall

1st placed Team

What a fantastic first competition for all the boys! They should all be feeling very proud of themselves, I know I am!Next we looking forward to State Championship Qualifiers in September.

All competition results from Level 1-4 and event photos available here (album password request via the front office):