First Competition Excitement!

First competitions are always nerve racking for gymnasts and the Niddrie Invitational was no different. This was the first competition for all of our Level 3-6 gymnasts, with each and everyone one of our girls doing an amazing job!

First up were our Limited Level 4 girls. These girls had awesome Floor routines with powerful tumbles and beautiful dance. While there may have been a few nervous moments, each gymnast worked really hard to show off each of their routines. All the girls have been working hard on their handstands on Beam, and Danielle was super proud of all the girls performing these amazing handstands during the competition.

Next up were the Unlimited Level 4s. With powerful vaults, the girls had a great start, however after a few wobbles on Beam, the girls knew they had to pull out their best tumble lines on Floor. Special mention to both Chloe and Amaya who competed through injuries, and both girls showed no reserve in their routines! Well-done girls.

Last up on Saturday afternoon were the Unlimited Level 5s. There was a lot of tough competition in this session, and the girls didn’t disappoint. Special mention to Nicola who competed her round-off back flip on Floor and for a beautiful Vault. Another congratulations to Miki who performed her Vault with straight legs!

Sunday morning started off with the Limited Level 6s. This was a talent packed session and our girls worked really hard to show off their routines. Good work to Hannah for competing a powerful floor routine, and to Charlotte for proudly showing off her best Beam routine she’s ever done. Massive congratulations to Kyra who has come a long way in such a short amount of time.

The final group of girls to compete were the Level 3 girls. These girls have come an incredibly long way in such a short time, and did so well at their first competition. This was especially evident with Ella, who has been working really hard during training and it paid off with her excellent Bars and Beam routines. Well done to Tahlia and Kyra who competed with amazing confidence considering this was their first ever competition outside of the club. Special mention to Sienna, who after having a nasty fall during her Bars routine, got straight back up and finished the rest of her routine with confidence.

Coaches Danielle, Matilda, Rebecca, Claudia, and Rachael are all so proud of the girls and the fantastic effort they have put into the year so far! The girls will all be back in the gym this week, ready to work hard for the next competition in two weeks’ time.


Level 3 (Team): PIT White - 5th on Vault, 2nd on Bars, 4th on Beam, 5th on Floor, and 4th Overall.

PIT Blue - 4th on Vault, 5th on Bars, 6th on Beam, 4th on Flood and 5th Overall.

Limited Level 4 (Team): 3rd on Floor, 4th on Beam, 5th on Bars, 7th on Vault, and 7th Overall.

Unlimited Level 4 (Team): 1st on Vault and Beam, 5th on Floor and Bars, and 2nd Overall.

Unlimited Level 5 (Individual): Jasmine - 6th on Bars, 7th on Floor, 8th on Vault and 7th Overall. Lucy - 5th on Bars.

Limited Level 6 (Individual): Kyra - 14th on Beam and 15th on Vault. Hannah - 11th on Beam and 17th on Floor. Charlotte - 12th on Bars and 13th on Beam.

EKGA Invitational

On the same Sunday morning, the level 2 girls arrived eager to compete in their first competition outside of PIT. The girls were nervous but excited to show of the routines that they have been busy perfecting. All gymnasts performed beautifully with podium finishes on all apparatus, what an amazing effort by the girls who looked super cute with their PIT teddy bears. Coaches Bridget and Nicole are extremely proud of the girls and all their hard work.


PIT blue placed 1st on Vault, 2nd on Bars, 4th on Beam, 3rd on Floor and 3rd Overall.

PIT pink placed 2nd on Vault, = 1st on Bars, 1st on Beam, 2nd on Floor and 2nd Overall.

PIT white placed 3rd on Vault, = 1st on Bars, 2nd on Beam, 1st on Floor and 1st Overall.