WAG PIT Club Championships 2018

The highly anticipated PIT WAG Club Championships, held over the weekend was an opportunity for many of the WAG gymnasts to compete their routines for the first time this year. For the Level 7 and 8 gymnasts however, the Club Championships are held in the middle of their competition season and allow the girls to inspire the younger gymnasts with the skills they have worked so hard to achieve. The new senior competition leotard had been debuted by the Level 7 and 8 Gymnasts earlier in their competition season and the Club Championships was the first occasion for the Level 5 and 6 Gymnasts to also compete in their new leotard.

The WAG Gymnasts had a positive start to the competition with all the girls warming up confidently. The adrenalin rush that occurred as a result of the competition enabled several girls to successfully achieve skills for the first time and attain season best routines. Congratulations to Chloe (Level 5) for achieving her kip, Madison (Level 4) competed her long swing pullover after only attaining this skill successfully the day before and Sienna (Level 7) stuck her full Beam routine for the first time in the competition season.

The PIT Club Championships was the first opportunity for Level 2’s to compete and all girls were extremely excited and slightly nervous to perform full routines in front of judges and the audience in a competition situation. All the girls performed very confidently and were very supportive of their teammates.

After completing their first competition season last year, most of the Level 3 Gymnasts were well rehearsed in a competition situation. All the girls performed consistently and it was great to see Eva competing full routines after only beginning in the competitive program two weeks ago. Mia demonstrated great resilience and character throughout the competition despite a setback during one of her early routines. Kylah was also participating in her first competition after moving into the competitive program late last year. Kylah nailed her routines and was rewarded for all the hard work she has completed in training.

The Level 4 Gymnasts were excited to get back onto the competition floor after a successful competition season last year. Cleopatra performed an amazing Beam routine and Nisha’s hard work paid off with a much-improved Bar routine and a powerful Vault. Amelia K has been incredibly determined with her training and this enabled her to compete very dynamic and solid routines on all apparatus. Molly performed an extremely solid Beam routine with lovely presentation.

The Level 5 Gymnast’s competed very consistently throughout the competition. Nicola performed a marvellous Vault, earning her 1st on this apparatus and demonstrating how hard she has worked to improve her Vault. Lucy competed very consistently and executed incredibly tight leaps and jumps on both Beam and Floor.

Following a challenging jump from Level 5 to Level 6 with a large increase in the difficulty of skills, the routines of the Level 6’s demonstrated how hard they have worked in training to successfully overcome this challenge. Kyra has been exceptionally determined and after completing Level 3 interstate last year, it was a huge achievement for her successfully compete her Level 6 routines. Anya’s positive training attitude has been rewarded with her successfully completing her kips in her Bars routine.

The Level 7’s and 8’s are role models for the younger gymnasts and therefore it was fantastic to see these older girls encouraging the next generation of gymnasts. Although a few of these girls are battling injuries, these gymnasts presented themselves very well. Anneliese hit all of her routines, stuck her round-off on Beam and performed her round-off backflip backsault with such incredible height that would have allowed her to tumble over her coach BJ! Despite returning from a terrible ankle injury, Veda has been training extremely hard and this was shown in her Bar routine when she hit her cast to handstand on bars. Emily competed very responsibly after also beginning the comeback from an ankle injury and was very supportive of all the gymnasts competing. Jessica was only able to compete Bars due to an injury, but her successful giant swing on bars was a huge achievement for her!

Congratulations to the PIT WAG Gymnasts on their performances at their Club Championships. We look forward to hearing the future success of the WAG Gymnasts as they continue with their competition season.

Thank you to the coaches and judges for their hard work which allowed this event to take place.

Thank you to the parents who aided in the set-up of the gym for this event.

Congratulations to our 2018 Club Champions:

Level 4 Division 1: Kaiaan

Level 4 Division 2: Alexis

Level 5: Jasmine

Level 6: Charlotte

Level 7: Myah

Level 8: Alana

More photos to come