Last chance Trials for MAG and WAG

WAG Trial 3 - Rebecca McConnell

With Trial 3 being a new addition to the WAG State Team selection process, this year’s qualifiers being Emily (level 8) and myself (level 10) approached this competition feeling sore but ready to produce our very best we had to the judges.

The competition came to a slow start with Emily unfortunately injuring herself in warm up which resulted in her having to pull out of Floor and Vault. As heart breaking as this was to her and everyone involved in her progress, Emily still put on a brave face and completed Bars and Beam to the very best she could. Well done Emily, your courage and determination is a true inspiration to all of us you should be very proud of all you have achieved so far and you have so much ahead of you.

My competition was a fairly solid performance with no falls all around and achieving equal 6th on Vault. Nerves got the better of me on Beam and Bars leaving room for improvement and a bounce out of Floor lowered my score. But in the end I made it out in one piece with no emergency services called.

MAG Trial 2 - Ben Holden

Trial 2 came quicker then expected for some of our MAG athletes. Was great to see Sarki back in action, as well as Matthew Sexton coming back from a six-year retirement.

The Trial kicked off on Saturday with myself and Anthony starting on High Bar. Both displaying good clean routines unfortunately I wasn’t able to stick the dismount giving the High Bar victory to Anthony.

After a couple of silly errors on Floor by myself, Anthony snatched the Floor victory with a great routine.

Deciding to put Floor behind me I came back fighting on the Pommel Horse with a good routine. Anthony not quite getting the score to beat it, bringing the scores back to 2-1 in Anthony’s favour.

Moving on to Rings Anthony hits a good clean routine, with his new added double back dismount! With Rings being one of my stronger events and finally landing my dismount I evened up the score to 2 all!

Over to Vault, with my self landing a clean Tsuk lay and Anthony preforming a Tsuk lay full and nearly landing sitting on the judges lap, I take the lead.

Last event P-Bars.

After seeing Anthony pick him self up from Vault and hit a great P-Bar routine. I knew I had to hit this routine. Unfortunately, I missed my dismount leaving the scores 3 all.

Day 2 starting with the level 6 Open's.

Starting on P-Bar the boys came out swinging with good clean routines. With Mason scoring a 12.000.

Moving on to High Bar.

The boys kept the ball rolling with some great half turns giving the boys confidence and a good start to the competition.

On Floor the boys had a few errors but making up for it with great landings in tumbling passes.

The nerves got to some when we got to Pommel with some unlucky falls. But the boy's picked themselves up and finished strong.

After Pommel the boys left the nerves behind and hit good clean routines on both Rings and Vault to finish the comp strong.

All up a good competition for the level 6s. With Newman placing 2nd on Rings and High Bar, as well well as Callum placing First on High Bar and 3rd All Around!

Last Session of Trial 2 was the level 7/8 Open's.

The boys started off well with nice clean routines on both P-bars and High Bar!

Next was Floor, a little shaky but managed to finish off their routines strong

Up next was Pommel, the make or break apparatus. Most of the guys were a bit nervous coming into Pommel but they shook the nerves off and hit great routines!

The boys finished off strong on both Rings and Vault displaying awesome routines.

All up I think Trial 2 was a good comp for most with a lot of good routines. Now to go back to training and polish of the errors we made ready for the Victorian Champs.