PIT Athletes Compete at both MAG and WAG Trials

WAG Trial 2 - MYC Gymnastics Club

Sunday was Bec McConnell’s day for Trial 2. Her competition was at Mornington Youth Club at 4pm. The drive down was uneventful but as we entered the gym the fire alarm went off and we were all evacuated. Apparently, something was not cooking so well in the kitchen!

After five minutes we were all ushered back in and got warm up started. Bec had a good day where she stuck 4/4 routines, ‘no falls’ Yay!

Highlights included: Bec’s Floor - hitting the highest front layout full twist-punch front sault in both warm up and competition. All leaps and turns including a ‘double’ leg up turn looked fantastic. Nice work!

Vault warm up's were a bit off but in competition she got her pike Tsuk and hit the landing on the spot!

Bars warm up was great, all was going well and then the wind changed and Bec didn’t quite get the clear hip to handstand but did a huge job pulling it back in, keeping the routine flowing and finishing cleanly. Bec was surprised and happy to gain ‘double digits’ for her bars again today.

Beam was shaky in warm up and a little off in competition. No falls but just not the Bec we know who is so solid on Beam. Great focus once on the Beam and determined not to fall. Well done.

At the end of the day it was a feel-good comp. Bec came out smiling with a 6th Place AA.

Finishing a little over time, the 1 ½ drive home was enough to wind down, have dinner and bed before a busy week ahead.

MAG Trial 1 - BTYC Gymnastics Centre

Trial 1 all year has always been two or three weeks away, so when the weekend actually arrived it was a bit of a rude shock for Matt, Ben & myself. Even though we had a controlled comp during the week, the season always seems to sneak up on you without you realising. Trial 1 is a compulsory competition for those trialling for the State Team so it’s interesting to see who turns up from the other clubs at the competition. This year, PIT has six boys attempting to make the team: Joey, Tom and Liam at 7 Under & 7 Open, Matthew at 8 Open and Anthony & Ben at 10 Open. I wont lie, I was definitely feeling the butterflies in the stomach Sunday morning and I also don't I remember the leotard being so small!

First up in the morning session were the Level 7’s and 8’s. Joey continued to consolidate on his incredibly hard compulsory Level 7 Under routines picking up a third place on Vault. In the 7 Open division both Tom and Liam made strong cases for team selection with Tom putting together one of his better comps to finish 4th overall and Liam 9th. Great to see Liam back in action after an injury interrupted 2017! With Only two marks separating 2nd and 9th place and six spots on the team up for grabs, it will be a heated battle heading into Trial 2. Both boys have a fantastic opportunity in front of them especially with Nationals once again being held in Melbourne. Keep up the hard work!

Seeing Matt compete again was a sight for sore eyes as he was unable to train in 2017 due to shoulder surgery. But it wouldn't be a classic Matt competition without him getting injured again. On vault he sustained a rolled ankle during his Tsuk but managed to limp his way through the rest of the comp and finished by stomping his H-bar dismount! Amazing effort to get through and hopefully he'll be alright for Trial 2 in three weeks.

In the afternoon session it was time for Ben and myself to dust off the cobwebs. First up was Rings with Ben starting strong with a nice kip to cross and putting my layout dismount to shame with a beautiful full twisting double back dismount. Next on Vault I evened up the score line to 1-1 with both of us partaking in a Tsuk-off. I managed to stick it cleaner and got the higher score. P-bars and H-bar was a bit hit-and-miss with Bennie missing his double front and myself failing to execute a Healy mixed.

Moving onto Floor, we both decided to take it easy and just push out clean execution routines. Sounds simple on paper but we both still managed to step out of the floor, Bennie was even on his hands and knees at one point! Our score card now read 3 - 2 Ben's way. This was not wanted I wanted to read h

eading into the last and my worst apparatus. With two extremely undisciplined and disappointing falls by myself, all Ben had to do was stay on the Pommel Horse and he was home! Ben whipped his Wende dismount around after a clean routine to clench Round 1. Overall Ben finished 1st AA and myself 3rd AA in 10 Open. Considering we both didn't have great personal competitions I was pretty happy how we went. Not a bad start, bring on Trial 2 in three weeks!