PIT Girls at the NCE WAG Trial 2

Trial 2 - WAG ALP 8, 17th March 2018

Saturday the 17th was a little bit of an anxious wait due to the ALP 8 Unlimited WAG gymnasts not starting their competition until 3.30 in the afternoon. There was also some thought needed in regards to parking at the NCE (previously known as the HPC). The parking attendants are extremely diligent when doing their job and most parking close by are only 2 hours. I was lucky enough to jump in with Tiffany and Emily who did a great job hunting down a car park a few blocks away. It was a pay-for-parking area so she didn't have to worry about the parking attendants or having to move her car every 2 hours whilst she was at the competition. Thank you so much Tiff, it made my day so much less stressful!

The Friday night before the competition I sent poor Veda home with a horrible cold which had been brewing for a while. Barely keeping her head up I gave her orders to save her energy and get some rest at home. It didn’t take much convincing but in her heart, she wanted to stay. Come Saturday Veda didn’t look a whole lot better but certainly a whole lot more determined! On asking how do you feel? I got back, “I’m doing this.” Really, that meant horrible but I’m staying, rightio! She produced a valiant effort at the competition, all while blowing her nose and coughing. Veda was extremely happy that she made her cast to handstand on Bars, continuing with a huge clear hip circle only to do a dramatic hand slip, arm pit catch, some sort of glide kip and kept going. Very graceful and quickly becoming Veda’s ‘thing’ (last weekend saving a round off on beam in the most spectacular fashion). Huge effort! Veda also did an awesome Vault and is inspired now to get her Tsukahara. Her Beam was very solid with a lovely wolf turn for extra start value. This time round Veda just saved her front sault landing on floor to all of our relief.

Alana made a spectacular come back from injury, competing on all four apparatus. Although in quite a lot of pain, Alana competed well attaining most of her core requirements. Alana is very quiet but has a real drive in her heart. She dodges attention and quietly attacks and conquers her goals. Her Floor routine is becoming more confident and gaining many compliments. Although quiet, Alana gives back what she gets!

Emily has had her heart, mind and soul set on one focus since the start of the year. This competition was no different, she was out there to do a job and that was to do her best, giving her a chance to be on the state team. With huge support from all around, Emily gave it her all on Saturday and although not all core requirements were hit, her determination and calculation of what she needed to do has got her through to trial 3. Emily’s Vault, Tsukahara, has held her in good stead and seems to be a given if you are going to make the Victorian State team. Emily worked especially hard to attain this skill and has mastered it well. She was a little reserved and fell short in her cast to handstand on Bars as she didn’t want to go over and fall off. The rest of the routine was beautiful with the highest tuck flyaway I’ve seen. Double back tuck is soon on the cards. Emily’s Beam was solid and earnt her a 3rd place. Floor was presented fantastic but the feel of the Floor was extremely bouncy. Not being used to this, the girls found it hard to control their tumbling. Emily took a quick safe option to do layout instead of full twist due to an ‘off’ flip. Good split-second decision. Overall Emily was solid, consistent and gained a 3rd All Around. Her results from Trial 1 and Trail 2 now have gained her a place in Trial 3 and a step closer to a chance of being on the State Team.

*Bec McConnell has her Trial 2 this weekend 25th March at MYC

Trial 2 - WAG ALP 7, 18th March 2018

Sunday the 18th March saw the ALP 7's compete at the NCE bright and early at 7.30am. This time I was lucky enough to jump in with Jacqui and Jess Q. Jacqui dropped Jess and I off at the front door (how’s that for service?) to sort out parking over on the next block away. Due to parking and not starting until 9am, this gave us some handy leeway and time to prepare.

The week leading up to Trial 2 was focussed on improving routines and results from Trial 1. All the girls have trained hard and made good progress.

The girls started on Beam giving it their best. Sienna lead the way like a true soldier but unfortunately amongst a great routine that she has put a lot of work into, ended with a fall in her back flip. I love the drive Sienna has given this skill of late so it was heartfelt that she couldn’t quite stick it. Her landing from her dismount on the other hand was fantastic. Annie followed with lots of reservation for her round off. Annie has worked hard at getting all her core requirements and recently has achieved her round off and cartwheel back sault dismount. Although the round off didn’t work this comp, her dismount went well and was a happy moment. Jess C continued with a solid routine and a great wolf turn gaining her a higher start value. Jess’s routine flowed and finished well gaining her a well-deserved 3rd place. Myah, who’s thing is Beam, unfortunately got disorientated due to warming up her back handspring the wrong way and couldn’t quite stick it in her routine. The rest of her routine was flawless still gaining her a great score. Jess Q had a shaky start falling in her round off which has been so solid since she got it. Jess hit her full turn and her dance series including a split change gaining her a higher start value but unfortunately stopping after the cartwheel in her dismount before her back sault, this brought down her start value due to not having this core requirement.

Annie lead the way on Bars with a beautiful flowing routine. She was pleased she hit her kip cast pike and joining it all together and finished with a solid tucked flyaway. Sienna has trained some lovely cast to handstands and clear hips to almost handstand in training so we were hoping she could hit them in her competition routine. A huge effort was given but not quite there yet. Myah went for her cast to handstand not quite making it but finished with a consistently flowing routine. Jess Q did a great job and is working hard to connect her routine to save the deductions of a stop. Jess C went for it doing a neat high cast, high clear hip circle only to stop to gather her herself to not fall off. Jess normally has the best swing and continuation lately, but this is one of those split decisions you have to make. The rest of the routine went without a hitch and finished with a huge flyaway.

Floor was a little tricky due to the different feel to our gym’s floor. All the girl’s routines looked great, their tumbling was reassessed and completed well. Annie went for her front layout but didn’t quite stick it after a red hot go. Myah hit her layout full twist. Sienna and Jess performed clean routines well, unfortunately Jess didn’t quite hit a leap which unfortunately brought her start value down but there was no holding back today.

Vault was performed well by all gymnasts. Sienna has found new pop, Jess C is running and rebounding better than ever, Annie has a great vault and has worked hard to keep on top of the adjustments she has had to make while growing. Myah is also going through a growth spurt and having challenges but still doing a great job. Jess Q has an amazing handspring and did the best job.

Over all I was extremely pleased with the girls focus and drive on the day. Unfortunately, none of the ALP 7 girl's qualified for Trial 3. There is a large number of level 7’s this year and an amalgamation of international and national streams across the board making the challenge that little bit harder.