PIT Girls unveil new leotard at WAG Trial 1

A great weekend was had by all. Everyone had a goal and achieved it to some extent.

Bec McConnell, ALP 10 enjoyed her competition and was delighted that she had made ‘some serious improvements’ and ‘did not die’, lol. "I almost stuck my front tumble," and "Even though I didn’t I still got a good score." She accomplished a full

Bar routine with no stops or falls resulting in attaining double digits in her score. This was exciting. The Vault felt good so she competed her Pike Tsuk for the first time this comp season and stuck it well.

Emily Awad and Veda Mileva, ALP 8. Emily is happy she competed her first Tsukahara in competition (gaining her a 3rd place), as well as her cast to handstand and front tumbling line (resulting in 1st place). Emily’s goal was focussed on getting up in the top scores and was happy to place 3rd AA in her age group and 7th AA in the session. Veda did an amazing job coming back from injury and a bit of a holiday over Christmas. Veda was happy with her

Vault (5th place) and her Beam, having a spectacular save out of her round off! (also placing 5th). Veda’s Floor has come along fantastically with a lot of hard work, unfortunately she misread her high front sault and had her feet come out from underneath her resulting in a fall and no tumble line paid. Veda and Emily have worked hard on this routine and it paid off. Veda showed it off with pride and confidence.

ALP 7 – Myah, Jess, Annie and Sienna. All the girls had a great competition. Sienna had a great day on vault and enjoyed showing off her new floor routine. Annie also had a great Floor, giving it her all with her front layout and connecting a full Bar routine. Jessica Chang had a solid day hitting 3 out of 4 routines. Jessica’s Beam was confident resulting in an improved score from the last competition. Jess has worked so hard at her giant swing but unfortunately did not quite get over this comp. It’s there waiting at the next comp. Myah was happy with her beam resulting in a 2nd place. After a fall during the week Myah was a little nervous but took it all in her stride and got the job done.

Everyone walked away happy with their efforts and outcomes for the most part. Another great experience. Looking forward to Trial 2 for the 7’s and 8’s this weekend and Bec ALP 10 the following weekend.

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