December Display Wrap-up

On Sunday the 10th of December, PIT held its annual December Display day. On show were four action packed sessions with performances ranging from Juniors all the way up to the Adult and Coaches display. For some of PIT’s gymnasts this was the first time they’ve ever performed in front of an audience so it was great to see them holding their nerve and having fun.

Some of the many highlights included:

  • The Flippers hanging out on the beach and showing off their skills they’ve learnt over the year

  • Level 3 girls with their stunning costumes and routine to Moana

  • Tumbler boys incorporating parkour into their performance

  • Gym skills and their lively cheerleading dance

  • The Competitive boys and their premiership win, go PIT boys!

  • Tumblebears and their enthusiasm throughout their activity circuit

  • The Senior Competitive girls and their spectacular choreography

  • All the Junior displays with their timing and skills on display

  • The Girls Squad who performed amongst the gum trees

And to conclude each session it was fantastic to see the overwhelming participation of our coaches. Not only is it great to see the coaches in action and having fun but also for the gymnasts and their parents. Most of our coaches started in programs in such as Juniors, Flippers, Tumblebears and PIT-a-PATS and to see them where they are today is inspiring for the younger gymnasts coming up.

Before we ask some of our coaches what their favourite displays were, I’d like to give a big thank-you to the parents who helped out with the setting up and packing up of the gym. It’s a really big job every year so we really appreciate the extra hands. I’d also like to thank the fundraising parents (and gymnasts) who worked energetically and enthusiastically outside on the sausage sizzle all day. It made a large contribution to the overall success of the day.

Now let’s hear what some of our coach’s favourite displays were:

Claudia Perri:

My favourite display this year was from the WAG Level 2s! The girls worked so hard to perfect their routine, and even learnt some new skills to show off. Their routine to Roar (Katy Perry) was full of energy and excitement, and you could really tell the girls were enjoying themselves. It was awesome to see the girls in their costumes, having so much fun and really getting into character. I loved how each gymnast had the opportunity to show off some of their best skills to the audience.

Jaze Dubois:

My favourite performance were the Juniors. They all looked like they were having so much fun whilst showing the audience their skills they have learnt this year. Their forwards rolls and cartwheels were the highlight of a well timed and vibrant display

Ben Holden:

There were so many great displays this year but I would have to say that my favourite one would have to be the Flippers surfing display. Teaching the Flippers this display was a ball, and to see them on display day happy as could be to perform made the display that much better. I think Emily did a fantastic job in creating the display, the correct balance of Dancing and Skills really made this display really shine.

Anthony Cristiano:

Overall, the 2017 December Display showcased many brilliant performances. Personally, two of my favourites were the level 5-7 Competitive Girls as well as the Competitive Boy’s groups. The 5-7 Competitive Girls display was incredibly synchronized during the routine. When it later moved into some tumbling the skills performed were thrilling to watch and well executed. The Competitive Boy’s performance was also a highlight in my opinion. The boys took a much more humorous approach and told a story throughout the performance which was great! Just like the girls, the boys also showed off many amazing skills that varied between skill level, showing how everyone can take part in the sport. All the groups on the day did an astounding job in showing what they had learnt throughout the year!

Jessica Quinlan:

My favourite display was the Comp Level 3 girls who did Moana because their routine was done to perfection and the choreography was excellent. All the girls did an amazing job and really got into character for their performance and their costumes were fantastic. I loved how they had a unique way of entering the floor which made their December display stand out.

Rachael Davies:

My favourite displays were from the Tumbler Girls. Each group's performances were very unique and original! During training both of my Tumbler classes worked hard to remember the choreography even though they only train once per week. In the weeks leading up to the Display, the girls worked incredibly hard to achieve new tumble lines and skills to show off to their friends, family (and coaches!) in the Display. It was also great to see the older girls in the Tumbler classes taking a role in assisting me and other coaches in creating their choreography, they were all huge team efforts. Well done Tumbler Girls!

The Office Staff (Jenny, Deb & Yvonne):

The Office staff’s favourite displays this year were the Competitive Boys Display as it depicted the theme well, was very entertaining, showed off their gymnastics skills as well as their flair for theatrics. We also loved the Level 3 Competitive girls display, the different way they entered the floor was great with everyone wondering where they were coming from. They also depicted the outdoors theme beautifully and their gymnastics skills we exceptional. The PIT-A-PAT display was well represented by our 2-4 year-olds and their parents with lots activities on Old Mac Donald’s Farm.

More photos available via PIT's photobucket - Request access via the office