Limited 5 Girl's competing at the 2017 Southern Classic

On November the 19th, the Level 5 Limited Hours girls competed in their last competition of the year; The Southern Cross Classic. Despite the early morning start with the competition beginning at 7:30am, all four girls were full of energy and excited to be competing in the Geelong Arena.

With our first apparatus being Vault, all of the girls were eager to demonstrate to the judges the improvements they had made. Both Ali and Charlotte achieved personal best scores on Vault and Anja and Hannah performed consistently.

Following Vault, the girls made their way to Bars. For the first time at a competition, Anja successfully competed her Kip, a great achievement and one she has been working so hard to achieve. Ali performed a beautiful Uneven Bar routine, demonstrating her lovely swing shapes and Hannah executed nice connections from her Backhip Circle into her Squat On. Charlotte completed a nicely connected routine and showed the judges how much her swings have improved in terms of height and shape.

Nerves increased slightly as the girls moved to Beam. At only 4 inches wide, it leaves a lot of room for possible error, and Anja and Charlotte were keen to continue the competition with no falls at all. Hannah completed a beautifully controlled Walkover and Ali performed a great save out of her leap to in order to make sure she stayed on the beam. Charlotte and Anja ensured the nerves did not get the best of them and stuck their routines, resulting in no falls for any of the girls on Beam!

As we reached our last apparatus, all the girls were feeling confident and excited about performing their Floor routines. All four girls deemed the floor ‘bouncy’ and were feeling positive about their tumbling and leaps. Charlotte was the first out of our group to compete and set a high standard with a score of 8.716 and Anja, Ali and Hannah continued to raise the bar while receiving scores of 8.8, 8.5 and 8.416 respectively. It was a great achievement for Ali and Anja to compete full Floor routines with full tumbling after overcoming injuries and illnesses that had impacted on their performances at previous competitions. Anja and Charlotte’s performance on Floor ensured that they completed their last competition of the season without any falls and Ali and Hannah showed significant improvement on all apparatus.

Congratulations to the Level 5 Limited Hours girls on a strong finish to a successful competition season!