Junior MAG Victorian Championships

Level 3's.

On the 19th of November, the Level 3 boys attended the Victorian Championships that started bright and early.

The boys, who were looking smart in their uniforms and spikey hair doos, arrived feeling positive and ready to do their best.

The competition comprised of two sessions of Level 3 Under and Open’s which meant there was a huge field of boys and a lot of tough competitors.

Starting off on Floor with some tiny wobbles all the boys showed off their routines to the best of their ability with some beautiful splits by Adam, Daniel and Thomas. Jamil, Josh and Steven also worked hard holding their awesome arabesques while Lucas, Henry and James with straight leg cartwheels.

Next up was the Mushroom. With some slippery warm ups at the start, the boys held it together during their comp routines showing off their best circles they could with Jamil wowing us with his beautiful single circles.

On Rings, James did an amazing job during his routine and ended up placing 3rdin Victorian on this apparatus.

On Vault, the boys displayed some beautifully high vaults with most sticking their landings which was fantastic.

It was PBars next and unfortunately it wasn’t our strongest apparatus at this comp but all the boys did their best.

Finally, on High Bar all the boys showed off their big undershoots and high swings and made sure they landed their dismounts with Adam placing 5th on this apparatus.

Congratulations to the Level 3 Under Team who retain their Championship Team Title for the second year in a row! What an amazing effort!

All the boys should feel proud of themselves as you all tried your very best, you were always smiling and having fun. All your coaches are very proud of your achievements over our comp season. Well done.

By Emily Pearman

Level 4's

Last up in the final session of the day and the final MAG competition of the year, was the Level 4 Open’s: Harley and Will. The boys were coming into the competition with a lot of confidence and excitement after successfully attaining a couple of extra bonus skills each respectively in training.

First up for the afternoon was Floor and Harley’s new bonus skill of a Headspring. Like a pro Harley executed it with minimal deduction to gain bonus marks and also performed a clean Handspring. Will also executed a clean Handspring with both boys finishing with 8’s for scores.

Next up was Pommels. Unfortunately, it wasn't Harleys best attempt at the routine but Will demonstrated great speed and aptitude with his circles and scored an 8.8. Moving onto Vault and after a spur of the moment adrenaline rush by Will, he decided to go for the bonus Layout Vault instead of the Front Sault. Running like the wind down the vault strip, he managed to turn his layout over and land on his feet for the first at a competition, well done Will!

To finish off the day it was time for High Bar with both boys aiming to execute their kips for the first time in competition. In the warm-up, Harley produced one of the best kip-cast-back hip circle I’ve seen him do. Unfortunately, he couldn't repeat it during his routine but finished the swings off cleanly. Will fought hard and managed to pull the kip up and keep it flowing into his back hip circle so that was fantastic to see. Well done to the boys on a long and hard year of gymnastics, looking forward to getting back into training and trying some new skills!

By Anthony Dorrington