School Programs

Looking for an activity for your Sports Program?

PIT Gymnastics has been running School and Kindergarten Sessions since 1979.

Our programs challenge the children to do the best they can, experiencing Bars: High-bar & Parallel-bars, Beams, Rings, Sprung floor, Vault and Trampolines. Aerobics and Cheerleading can also be incorporated into the gym sessions.

PIT Gymnastics offers two options for the program: 

  1. Your school comes to our gym with the benefits of a fully set up gym with all the Olympic apparatus, trampolines and a huge inground pit 

  2. We come to your school and use your equipment and bring a range of portable equipment which can be set up at your venue 

Program Features

  • Our sessions are exciting & activity based with an underpinning ‘participation’ philosophy; fun, fitness, fundamentals and friendship. 

  • Our lessons focus on fundamental skills that are modified or made more challenging according to individual needs; catering for young people with disabilities or ‘under developed’ physical abilities. 

  • Skills are taught through a variety of teaching methods. 

  • Programs can be offered in conjunction with ‘special’ school events. 

  • All coaches are Technical Members of Gymnastics Australia. 

Program Benefits for Young People

  • Program is suitable for all ages of young people (lower, middle & upper primary schools). In post primary school settings, many of our programs activities are also appropriate. 

  • Activities will encourage well being; developing movement skills in a range of environments. Skills learnt in a gymnastics setting can be applied to other sports and life experiences. 

  • Activities encourage resilience & self awareness through individual, partner & group challenges. 

  • Activities are structured & flexible, allowing young people opportunities to manage risks exploring skills that challenge their abilities. 

Program Benefits for Schools

  • Gymnastics is the foundation for all other sports. 

  • Program can be offered all year around. 

  • Programs are suitable for boys & girls. 

  • Programs can be offered within the school setting & offered in a local club to further develop school-community links. 

  • Programs compliment education curriculum requirements. 


Enquiries and Booking please Phone: 9436 8500 or email