Fun Play Session for Toddler - 5 year old Boys and Girls

Playgym Timetable

Tuesday      10.30am-12pm

Wednesday  11am-12.30pm 

 No Classes on Public Holidays 

 Playgym Covid Safety

  • Hand sanitise on entry 

  • Sign in to the COVID Tracer with the QR Code at entrance 

  • Adults to carry masks if you cannot social distance in the foyer and in the gym 

  • Preferred payment by Eftpos or Credit Card

  • Social distance 1.5mt

  • 1 carer/parent per child

  • If unwell do not attend

  • No food to be eaten in the gym or foyer

  • Only water allowed in the gym

Playgym is an active time for pre-schoolers - toddlers through to 5 year old boys and girls.  The emphasis is on free play & exploration in an exciting fully equipped gymnastics environment.

  • Children are free to climb, jump, roll, balance, hang and slide over, down and around lots and lots of equipment set ups.

  • Parental supervision of one’s own child is essential for safety reasons! A qualified  Kindergym Coach supervises each session.

  • Set ups are changed regularly to challenge and maintain the interest of the children. This will motivate and capture their imaginations - they will want to explore and play!

Play is vital to young children’s development.  Play is what young children do when they are not eating, sleeping or complying with the wishes of adults.  It occupies most of their waking hours, and it may literally be viewed as the child’s equivalent to the work of adults.

Children’s play serves as the primary mode by which they learn about their bodies and its movement capabilities.  It enhances cognitive skills (the ability to think and solve problems) in the young child, as well as an important means of developing fine motor and gross motor skills (essential for reading and writing skills in later life).