A Challenging Program for 5-9 year olds

This program is designed to cater for the needs and interests of school age beginner boys and girls who are 5-9 years.

It is a recreational program, where children have the opportunity to receive instruction and enjoy new and challenging skills on all the equipment in the gym.

The includes bars, beams, rings, ropes, sprung floor, pommels, Olympic sized trampolines and a huge pit filled with foam blocks and much more.

This 50 minute program runs for the full year, but children can join it at any time. It runs after school during the week, and also on a Saturday morning. 


During the gym lesson:

  • emphasis is on maximum participation through a “circuit of activities” teaching approach, where children can improve their motor co-ordination and promote a fitness effect.

  • Group warm up - Fun fitness games, stetching and gymnastics shapes

  • 2 circuits in various areas of the gym (with different areas every two weeks)


This program aims:

  • to build self-confidence with the children achieving a high level of success over a wide variety of gym skills. 

  • Skills and activities taught by our qualified coaches are based on “Dominant Movement Patterns” which include swing, spring, statics, rotations, landings and locomotion.

Monitoring and assessment:

  • Is ongoing throughout the term

  • Gymnasts are presented with an "Award Certificate" at the end of each term pertaining to their ongoing level of achievement. 

  • Gymnasts are assessed by Senior Coach to monitor class changes

December Display

Gymnasts will have a great opportunity to perform the skills they have learnt throughout the year when they participate in the December Display.  For more information go to our December Display page


Bookings for classes can be made online via the website, at the office or by telephone.  PIT Gymnastics offers a trial class for all new participants. Trial lessons cost $25, payable at the time of booking (Click on the Book a trial and more information button to book a trial). If the gymnast continues in the class the balance of the Term Fee and Club Membership is due before the next class. Fees are based on a school term, generally 9, 10 or 11 weeks in duration.


Club Membership Fee

A Club Membership Fee for each gymnast is payable on joining the Club and for each subsequent year.  This Fee includes Club Membership, Registration with Gymnastics Victoria and Accident Insurance through to December of the current year, this fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. 


Once enrolled it is assumed that your child will continue in the same class for the rest of the calendar year. If your child is not continuing in the program please contact the office.


Fees are payable for the next Term in advance by the end of the current Term.  Invoices will be emailed out 3 weeks prior to the end of each Term. If invoices are not paid by the due date your child’s place in this program will not be guaranteed.


A membership deposit is taken for all members in November, to hold places for the New Year and in December for all new members.


Junior Timetable 

Monday        4:10pm-5:00pm 



Tuesday       4:10pm-5:00pm




Wednesday   4:10pm-5:00pm


Thursday      4:10pm-5:00pm



Friday          4:10pm-5:00pm


Saturday      9:00am-9:50am



No Classes on Public Holidays