Group costumes

You can find out what your child needs to wear to the December Display here.  Please scroll down to your child class.  This page will be updated regularly, so if your child's class is not listed below please check again. 

PIT-A-PATS & Tumblebears

Wiggles coloured T-shirt (Yellow, Red,Blue or Purple), black short or leggings 


Red T-shirt or Singlet with black shorts or pants  (hair tied back)

Gymskills & Teen class

Fluoro or leopard print tops 

Black Shorts or Leggings

Hair tied back

WAG Level 2

Black shirt and red tutu.  Rose Coloured Hair Scrunchie (coach will buy parents to pay Jessica $7)

Tuesday Tumbler Girls 5-7pm and 4.30-6.30

(Bridget, Emily and Bella's groups)

Black shorts, white shirt, black glitter top hat plastic (can be purchased from any party shop) 

Please let coach know if you can not find the had before November 19th and coaches will purchase the hats at a cost of $2.50 to be paid before display

Girls Squad

Black Shorts and Black Singlet top (Coaches will be providing the gymnasts with a tutu skirt and hair accessory at a cost of $5.00 to be paid as soon as possible to Matilda)

Hair to be tied in two high neat pigtails 


Flippers and Kinder Flippers

Gymnasts to wear pajamas (shorts and t-shirt are fine but no skirts or dresses) 

Hair to be messy and feel free to make your child look unkempt with make up and other accessories

Tuesday Tumbler Girls 4-6pm

(Lucy and Matilda)

Black top eg: t-shirt, singlet or crop tops and Black shorts or leggings

Hair to be in high neat ponytail.

MAG Level 1-2

White t-shirts or singlet 

Black shorts

MAG Level 3-7

Break dancing/B-boy attire. Anything pop culture. NBA jersey. Jay Jays have a good range



Black singlet, Black shorts

Hair: Bright coloured headband


Black  T-shirt, Black Shorts or 3/4 pants, any coloured leg warmers

Hair: High pony tail with bow or bright coloured head band

Friday Tumbler Girls 5-7pm

Matilda & Jess

Black top eg: t-shirt, singlet or crop tops and Black shorts or leggings

Hair to be in high neat ponytail.

Thursday Tumbler Girls 4-6pm

Anthony & Jenni

Black Shorts/leggings and Red, orange or yellow Tshirt

Tuesday Tumbler Girls 6-8pm & 6.30-8.30pm

Claudia & Bella

Colourful T-Shirts supplied by coach (Cost $5.00 to Bella)

Black bike shorts

Tumbler Boys

Mat, Eric and Anthony C

Black and White

Saturday Tumbler Girls

Bella, Maddison & Abbey

Red or Pink Top

Black Leggings

Hair tied back 

Thursday Tumblers 

Abbey and Emily W

 Black top and shorts. Hair in pigtails