Updated 12/4/21

Here is what we are doing at PIT Gymnastics

Restricted numbers within Covidsafe guidelines

Parents/Spectators are permitted into the foyer to view gymnastics classes under modified conditions (see Parent Viewing Procedure below)

One way traffic flow, Entry and Exit doors

Use of Hand sanitiser on arrival and at each rotation change

At the end of the day the hard surfaces, toilets, bathrooms, windows and soft furnishings are disinfected​  

Equipment is regularly cleaned during training session by Cleaning Coaches. High touch points are sanitised and high traffic areas mopped with disinfectant between classes​

Face masks are to be carried by all gymnasts, coaches and spectators and used when social distancing isn't possible. 

Athlete Health 


  • Have been unwell or had flu like symptoms

  • Have been in contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19

  • Have had any respiratory symptoms (even mild)

  • Are at high risk

Drop off 

  • Parents are encouraged to drop their child off no longer than 5 minutes prior to their class

  • From Term 2 - Spectators will be allowed into the foyer under capacity restrictions. Please see Viewing Procedure below​​

  • Gymnasts and Spectators to enter through foyer entrance only when invited by staff member

  • Use the hand sanitiser and Covid check-in QR code upon entering the venue


  • Gymnasts will exit through the door next to the roller door

  • Parents (and departed foyer spectators) are to wait near the exit door or in their cars. ​

  • All parents must arrive on time to pick their child up. 

Parent Viewing Procedure Term 2 - Updated 12/4/21

We’re happy to announce that restricted access to the foyer to view your child doing gymnastics classes will return in Term 2. Due to the continued restrictions in place from the State Government (one person per two square meters) we kindly ask for your patience by following the new rules in place.  


Capacity limits:

  • A maximum of 15 spectators are permitted into the foyer at once

  • A maximum of one adult spectator is allowed per child(s) participating in gymnastics classes

  • All spectators must sign into the Victorian Covid check-in and hand sanitise before entry

  • Once in the foyer to view your child, all spectators must be seated or standing in designated areas unless you need to use the toilet. There is no viewing from the hallway


How to enter the foyer to view classes?

  • Due to the limited foyer capacity, there will be a spectator line up outside under the pergola.

  • Upon foyer capacity, it will shift to one spectator out, one spectator in.

  • This line will be first in best dressed.

  • We apologise for any inconvenience and we ask for your patience. We will do the best we can to accommodate your viewing.

  • Please be aware that over a term that we’d appreciate you ‘sharing’ viewing with other parents so an equal amount of time can be shared by all

  • Trialling parents will be reserved a spectator place to view their child’s first class


When to enter the foyer?

  • The foyer is open to parents for the majority of their classes except when:

    • The first 10min prior to class to assist with gymnast marshalling

    • The final 10min as we prepare to marshal the next class

  • An example is as follows for a 5pm Junior/Springer class

    • 4.50 – Spectators from the 4pm classes are asked to leave foyer in preparation for marshalling 5pm classes

    • 5.00 – Gymnasts enter foyer and enter the gym to start classes

    • 5.10 – Gymnasts with 50min classes enter foyer and enter gym to start classes

    • 5.20 – Spectators (up to the capacity limit) are allowed to enter the foyer to view classes

    • 5.50 – Spectators are asked to leave foyer in preparation for marshalling 6pm classes

7pm viewing onwards

  • Covid check-in and hand sanitising upon entry

  • Only standing room is available

  • Capacity limits will still apply

  • Social distancing rules still apply


Extra notes:

  • No standing in hallways or viewing from back side door. The side door is used for entry and exit to the toilets/drink tap by gymnasts.

  • No food or drink (other than water) is to be consumed once inside the foyer.

  • Spectators cannot move chairs or stand elsewhere from designated spots for better viewing access.

  • When entering the foyer, please carry a facemask with you at all times in the event that social distancing is no longer possible.


Thanks for your understanding, we look forward to seeing you back in the foyer in Term 2!


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