Competitive Programs

Overview of competitive program

The Competitive Men’s (MAG) and Women’s (WAG) Programs cater for boys and girls who have been talent identified from previous classes as showing some potential for a competitive program in gymnastics. 

The competitive program emphasises sound gymnastics fundamentals, such as body tension, good posture and aerial awareness. Skills are taught progressively, with importance placed on the development of strength and flexibility. 

There are 10 levels in the competitive programs/ beginning at level 1 which gymnasts can work through. Gymnasts compete at competitions during the year within their level.

Training sessions are carefully planned for each level and present a program that is challenging, yet enjoyable. The basic gymnastic skills are maintained with more advanced skill development and a disciplined approach to training is introduced.


Entry into Program


Children are assessed by a physical ability test for entry into the program. The test assesses the child's ability in the following areas: strength, power, flexibility, profile shapes, body alignment and tension. Posture, physical build and body proportions are also important criteria. Progress in previous gymnastic groups is also considered.

Children being considered for the competitive program also need to show a keen desire to be involved in gymnastics and be willing to make a commitment to the program.

Gymnasts selected for the competitive program are initially placed on trial for one term to see how they cope with the demands of the program. The Coach or Program Co-ordinator will have a brief meeting with parents after this trial period to discuss whether the child may continue in the program.

Aims of the Competitive Program

  • Present a challenging program that is ENJOYABLE, SAFE and DEVELOPMENTAL 

  • To build on the basic skills of Gymnastics, maintaining a high standard and progress to more advanced skills. 

  • Develop self discipline and internal motivation to strive to improve gymnastic performance. 

  • To foster a desire to continue with competitive gymnastics in the future. 

  • To participate in competitions run by the Club, Gymnastics Victoria and Gymnastics Australia